Contest Information

Posted by on April 9, 2020

MSA hosts an SSA-sanctioned soaring contest nearly every year (provided there is no worldwide pandemic). This list provides links to information of interest to all prospective contest entrants.

SSA Contest Information Use this link to see information about our upcoming contest on the Soaring Society of America website, to register for it, and to see the list of pilots who’ve already registered.

Contest Pilot Briefing A detailed presentation of procedures that apply to this year’s contest. This is required reading for all prospective contest entrants.

Turnpoint & airspace files The Worldwide Soaring Turnpoint Exchange offers current Mifflin files (in all common formats) for you to download.

Mifflin Area Airfield Notes     Important information about airfields and landability in our task area.

Accommodations Nearby places to stay during a contest.

Past contest winners View a list of all Mifflin contests and the winner of each in every class.

The Mifflin Trophy This elegant trophy is awarded each year to the pilot with the longest handicapped flight flown during the annual Mifflin contest.